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Get ready to step into style with our roundup of the best Versace sandals for women! From breezy summer days to sultry evenings, these iconic sandals are the perfect addition to any wardrobe, seamlessly blending fashion and comfort. In this article, we’ve curated a selection of top-rated sandals that exude elegance and sophistication, ensuring you turn heads wherever you go.

The Top 18 Best Versace Sandals Women

  1. Versace Gold Medusa Pool Slide — Women’s Shoes — Indulge in luxury with Versace’s Medusa-inspired pool slides, available in a stunning gold metallic finish and featuring a stylish 3D Medusa head centerpiece, perfect for upgrading your poolside wardrobe at Nordstrom.
  2. Versace Women’s Chain Print Sandals in Black (Size 36, 37, 38) — Elevate your style with the glossy Versace Couture Sandals for Women, featuring a fashionable ‘Chain Couture’ print and an embossed logo buckle on a 100% polyurethane black sole.
  3. Versace Medusa Thong Sandals — Sleek and Stylish — Slide into comfort and style with the iconic Versace Women’s La Medusa Thong Sandals, featuring a floral-embossed footbed and a recognizable Medusa head logo.
  4. Versace Medusa Logo Sandals for Women — Luxury Slides in Black — Step into luxury with Versace’s Signature Medusa Slides featuring the bold Italian brand’s iconic logo and premium construction. Perfect for effortless chic, these black sandals in size 8 make a statement wherever you go.
  5. Versace Black Low-Flat Slides — Versace Women’s Sandals: Black slides made of 100% rubber with a Barocco pattern, Greca motif, gold-tone Medusa head, and a black rubber sole.
  6. Versace Black Gold Baroque Logo Flat Sandals for Women — Versace Jeans Couture Black Gold Logo Baroque Flat Sandals for Women: A stylish fusion of comfort and luxury, perfect for elevating your fashion game.
  7. Versace Gianni Ribbon Satin Cage Sandals — Female, Black+Silver, 35.5 — Add some glamour to your wardrobe with the Versace Gianni Ribbon Satin Cage Sandals, featuring a sleek cage design, high-block heels, and Medusa hardware accents, perfect for any occasion!
  8. Versace Women’s Leather Slides with Medusa Hardware — Elevate your fashion game with Versace’s iconic Medusa-emblazoned black leather slides, the perfect combination of style and comfort for any occasion.
  9. Versace Orange/Pink Pool Slide for Women — Rare Color Combo — These Versace Shoes offer a stylish and unique orange/pink color combination, featuring the iconic Gomma Stampala Greca Pool Slide design with the Versace logo in a hard-to-find set, perfect for a fashion-forward look.
  10. Versace Black Embossed Rubber Slide Sandals for Beach or Pool — Experience the perfect blend of style and sophistication with Versace’s Black Embossed Pool Slides, featuring a classic slide design and 100% rubber construction for ultimate comfort and durability.
  11. Chic Versace Greca Sandals with Medusa Head Detailing — Unleash the power of Greek mythology with these alluring Versace Greca leather-trimmed sandals, featuring the iconic Medusa head and stylish Greca print, perfect for elevating your summer wardrobe.
  12. Versace Medusa Head Gold Slides Sandals for Women — Unleash the power of mythology with Versace’s stunning gold Medusa Head slides, boasting sleek gold-tone hardware and a mesmerizing Medusa Head motif, making them a statement piece for fashion-forward women.
  13. Versace Satin Ankle Strap Platform Heels: Stylish and Rhinestone-Embellished — Versace Women’s Satin Ankle Strap Heels in Ice Blue/Oro, combining a Medusa-head charm with a towering 6" platform, offer eye-catching style and comfort for women seeking designer sandals.
  14. Versace La Medusa Gold Palazzo Women’s Pool Slides — Versace Gold Palazzo Slides: Luxurious, three-dimensional La Medusa plaque and Greca border on uppers with moulded insoles for all-day comfort.
  15. Versace ‘All-Over’ Greek Sandals: Low-Profile Italian Footwear for Women — Versace ‘All-Over’ Greek sandals offer stylish comfort in black leather and fabric, featuring gold Greek print, cross-over top straps, and a rubber sole.
  16. Versace ‘Medusa’ Silver Sandals for Women (36) — Chic Versace ‘Medusa’ slides for women, featuring a silver finish and gold metal Medusa embellishment, handcrafted in high-quality rubber.
  17. White Logo Flat Slides from Versace Jeans Couture — Versace Jeans Couture Diagonal Logo Flat Slides — White: Step into luxury with these sleek white flat slides, featuring an embossed Versace logo, open toe design, and a flat comfortable sole.
  18. Versace Black Multi-Strap Sandals — Versace’s 120mm multi-strap sandals in black showcase exquisite calf leather, a convenient side buckle fastening, a stylish open toe, and a rear zip, all perfect for a confident and high-stiletto stroll.

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🔗Versace Gold Medusa Pool Slide — Women’s Shoes


I recently got my hands on the Versace Medusa Pool Slides, and let me tell you, they’re a sight to behold. The intricately designed Medusa head at the center is a true testament to the brand’s iconic style. These slides are more than just a fashion statement; they’re an art piece. But, enough about the looks.

Step into these babies, and you’ll be greeted with a comfortable fit. The synthetic upper, lining, and sole are all made in Italy, which means top-notch craftsmanship. It’s a small detail that makes a big difference when you’re rocking these stunners all day long.

However, there’s a catch. I’ve noticed that the gold coating on the slides can be a bit finicky. I’ve had mine for a short while, and already some of the gold has started to peel off. It’s unfortunate because the quality of these slides should be on par with the brand’s reputation.

But hey, no product is perfect. Despite the minor issue, I’ve been enjoying wearing these pool slides. They’re a perfect blend of luxury and comfort, and I can’t wait to rock them this season.

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of Versace and want to stand out from the crowd, these Medusa Pool Slides are worth the splurge. But, be aware of the potential gold flaking issue.

🔗Versace Women’s Chain Print Sandals in Black (Size 36, 37, 38)


These Versace Couture Sandals capture the essence of sophistication and boldness in a single shoe. Crafted with glossy faux leather, they are elegant yet playful, featuring a yellow, orange, and white ‘Chain Couture’ print and a gold-tone embossed buckle.

The sandals have a black rubber sole for comfort, and the adjustable straps make them a perfect fit for any occasion. Though they may require some breaking in, their stylish design and luxurious feel make them a worthwhile addition to any wardrobe.

🔗Versace Medusa Thong Sandals — Sleek and Stylish


Versace Slide Sandals are an incredible addition to any woman’s wardrobe. I recently tried a pair and was immediately drawn to their stylish design and comfort. The sandals, which feature a Versace medusa head logo, are adorned with a floral patterned footbed that adds a touch of elegance to their casual coolness. The slip-on, slide-on style makes them easy to wear, allowing you to slip your feet into them with ease.

One aspect that stood out to me in particular is the sandal’s comfort. Thanks to its rubber sole and footbed lined with the iconic Versace medusa head design, the sandals offer a snug yet comfortable fit, perfect for a day out or a night on the town. They were lightweight on my feet, and I didn’t feel any pressure or discomfort even after hours of wear.

However, there is one drawback to consider. My experience mirrors the reviews I found online, suggesting that they may run small or need a half-size up. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure you order the right size.

Despite this minor hiccup, the Versace Slide Sandals were an absolute delight for me. Their comfort, stylish design, and overall cool look make them a must-have in your summer wardrobe or for any occasion that calls for a touch of casual chic.

🔗Versace Medusa Logo Sandals for Women — Luxury Slides in Black


As a fashion enthusiast, I was excited to try out the Versace Medusa Slides in black. These stylish sandals exuded a luxurious touch with the iconic Medusa logo adorning the foot strap. Made in Italy, these shoes truly reflected Versace’s commitment to bold and lavish design.

Slipping them on, the first thing I noticed was the comfortable fit. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised by the overall quality of the sandal. The synthetic upper felt soft, yet sturdy, ensuring a comfortable walk. I loved the open-toe design as it allowed for some air circulation, making it ideal for hotter days.

However, I found the price to be a bit of a drawback. Especially since it was nearly twice the price of the old version I had purchased a few years ago. Despite the high price, the quality didn’t live up to my expectations, and it didn’t feel like the same Versace product it used to be. Regardless, the Medusa Slides are undeniably eye-catching and make a statement fashion piece, leaving me wanting more from my favorite luxury brand.

🔗Versace Black Low-Flat Slides


As a devoted fan of fashion, I recently tried on Versace’s black sandals for women. Crafted from 100% rubber, they were surprisingly comfortable to walk in. The Barocco pattern and Greca motif added a luxurious touch, and the gold-tone Medusa head accent was a chic detail.

These slides are perfect for an afternoon aperitif on the beach or just lounging around at home. However, be prepared for some potential customs fees, as they are made in Italy.

Overall, it was a delightful experience slipping into these stylish Versace sandals.

🔗Versace Black Gold Baroque Logo Flat Sandals for Women


I recently had the opportunity to wear these Versace Jeans Couture Black Gold Logo Baroque Flat Sandals, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. The sandals have a unique, eye-catching design and add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

They are made with polyurethane, a comfortable material that feels great on the feet. The lining is made of a soft textile, which makes the sandals even more enjoyable to wear. One downside is that half sizes may need to go up a size, but overall, they fit true to size.

The baroque flat sandals have a strap closure for a secure fit, and they have a half-closed toe design that is perfect for both casual and dressy occasions. These sandals are truly a stunning addition to any wardrobe.

🔗Versace Gianni Ribbon Satin Cage Sandals — Female, Black+Silver, 35.5


I recently got my hands on the Versace Gianni Ribbon Satin Cage Sandals in black and silver. As a fashion-forward person, I was immediately drawn to the high-block heels and the unique cage-like construction. The ankle strap is held in place by Medusa hardware accents, which adds an extra touch of elegance.

While the sandals were comfortable to wear initially, I found that the block heels weren’t the best for long walks. Overall, the Versace Satin Cage Sandals are a statement piece that’s sure to turn heads, but they may not be the most practical choice for everyday wear.

🔗Versace Women’s Leather Slides with Medusa Hardware


As a fashion enthusiast, I was thrilled to try on these Versace leather slides. Slipping my feet into them felt like stepping into pure luxury — the Medusa symbol on the strap added a touch of boldness and sophistication. The Made in Italy tag further boosted my confidence in their quality.

However, as a size 5, I experienced a slight pinch in the toes, making it uncomfortable to wear for long hours. On the bright side, their sleek design and versatile style made them a go-to for summer outings and casual strolls. Overall, these leather flip-flops are a worthy addition to any stylish woman’s wardrobe, despite the minor fit issues.

🔗Versace Orange/Pink Pool Slide for Women — Rare Color Combo


I recently had the pleasure of trying on these Versace shoes and let me tell you, they didn’t disappoint. The color combination of orange and pink perfectly brightened up my wardrobe. However, the sizing was a bit of a challenge. Although I usually wear a size 37, these shoes felt a bit snug. So, I’d recommend checking the sizing guide before purchasing.

But, let’s focus on the positive! The logo throughout the shoes add a touch of luxury and the dustbag and tags full set just add to that designer feel. The overall design of the Versace shoes is simple yet sophisticated, making them a great statement piece for any occasion. If you’re on the hunt for a unique and eye-catching pair of shoes, these Versace pool slides are the answer!

🔗Versace Black Embossed Rubber Slide Sandals for Beach or Pool


As a fashion enthusiast, I was excited to try out these Versace Jeans Couture Black Embossed Pool Slides. The moment I slid my foot in, I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they felt. The single strap across the top was indeed a game-changer, making it effortless to slip them on and off.

The black embossed design gave a luxurious touch to these pool slides, making them stand out in a crowd. The sole, treaded rubber, provided a good grip, which came in handy when strolling around the pool or beach.

However, there were a couple of downsides to these Versace Slide Sandals. The shoe’s hardness didn’t allow for much bending or flexibility while walking, and as a result, it caused some discomfort after a while. Additionally, the strap dug into my skin, resulting in unsightly cuts and sores on my feet.

In conclusion, these Versace Jeans Couture Black Embossed Pool Slides are a unique and stylish addition to your summer wardrobe. They are perfect for casual outings by the pool or beach, as well as a stylish walkaround in the city. Despite the minor setbacks, I believe these slide sandals are worth trying out for those seeking a chic yet comfortable pool shoe.

🔗Chic Versace Greca Sandals with Medusa Head Detailing


Imagine stepping into a world of elegance and sophistication with Versace’s Greca Leather-trimmed Sandals. Inspired by beautiful Medusa, the Medusa head takes center stage on the sandals’ design, all while embraced by the iconic Greca print on the straps. The sandals exude luxury, with their upper made from a combination of textile, calfskin, and lambskin, while the sole is crafted from sturdy rubber.

This stunning pair is a true testament to the boldness and allure of Versace, adding a touch of versatility to your daily style.

🔗Versace Medusa Head Gold Slides Sandals for Women


I recently had the chance to try on a pair of Versace Medusa Head slides in gold and let me tell you, they were just as luxurious and stylish as expected. The gold-tone metallic finish added a touch of elegance to my outfit, and the Medusa Head motif on the front was a fun, bold statement that really turned heads. The slip-on style made them easy to put on and take off, which was perfect for running errands or grabbing coffee with friends.

One aspect I really appreciated was the gold-tone hardware used on these slides. It added an extra layer of detail and class to the overall design, making them feel truly special. However, there were a couple of cons that I couldn’t ignore; the fit was a bit snug, and I had to size up for a comfortable walk. Additionally, I found that they scuffed easily, which was disappointing for such an expensive pair of slides.

Overall, if you’re a fan of Versace and looking for a bold, statement-making slide to add to your wardrobe, these Medusa Head slides in gold might be the perfect choice for you. Just be prepared for a snug fit and to take extra care when handling them to avoid scuffs.

🔗Versace Satin Ankle Strap Platform Heels: Stylish and Rhinestone-Embellished


These Versace Satin Ankle Strap Heels in a radiant shade of ice blue and accented with touches of oro are worth a wear for any special occasion. Step into an elaborate design featuring a Medusa-head charm gracing the crystal-embellished strap, accompanied by a hefty 6-inch platform and 6-inch heel.

The high strap and adjustable buckle ensure a snug yet secure fit, but be warned, they might feel a bit heavy on your feet. While they may be a splendor to look at, their durability may leave something to be desired — I experienced uncomfortable rubbing and blisters on my heels.

However, their undeniably beautiful aesthetic is definitely a pro if you’re planning to make an entrance.

🔗Versace La Medusa Gold Palazzo Women’s Pool Slides


These Versace Gold Palazzo slides are a stunning addition to your summer wardrobe. Made in Italy, they’re designed with a three-dimensional La Medusa plaque and a Greca border on the uppers, giving them an eye-catching design.

With an engraved logo and molded insoles, they provide both style and comfort for your feet. While the 2 cm/0.8" heel height adds a touch of elegance, it may not be the most practical option for everyday wear.

Overall, these sandals are a fashionable choice for women who want to make a statement by the pool or at the beach.

🔗Versace ‘All-Over’ Greek Sandals: Low-Profile Italian Footwear for Women


I recently had the chance to slip into a pair of Versace ‘All-Over’ Greek sandals, and let me tell you, they were quite the statement piece. The sleek black leather and fabric design with a gold Greek print had everyone in awe.

As I took my first steps in them, I was impressed by the comfort the rubber sole provided, making them perfect for a casual evening with friends. Of course, the slight incline in the shoes added an elegant touch, enhancing both the style and occasion. Overall, these sandals were a delightful addition to my wardrobe, but I’ll have to bear the importance tax and duty at checkout.

🔗Versace ‘Medusa’ Silver Sandals for Women (36)


I recently had the chance to try out the Versace ‘Medusa’ slides and let me tell you, they’re quite the statement piece. At first glance, the silver finish caught my eye and I couldn’t help but notice the gold metal ‘Medusa’ appliqué. The 100% rubber composition made these slides feel comfortable enough for everyday wear.

One highlight has to be the unique design — it’s not every day you come across slides with such a bold touch. However, after walking around for a while, I realized that the rubber material made them a bit slippery, especially on smooth surfaces. This could be a downside for those who value traction in their footwear.

Overall, the Versace ‘Medusa’ slides offered a touch of luxury and style, but their slippery nature might not be ideal for everyone. Still, they’re definitely a conversation starter and a great addition to any summer outfit.

🔗White Logo Flat Slides from Versace Jeans Couture


I’ve been rocking these Versace Jeans Couture Diagonal Logo Flat Slides in white for the past few weeks, and let me tell you, they’ve been turning heads. The embossed logo on the front adds a touch of sophistication and swag to my outfits. The open toe design is perfect for showing off my pedicure.

Now, I’ve got to admit, the branded insole and flat sole do provide some comfort, but they’re not the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. They’re not bad, but I’ve noticed my feet getting a bit sore after a long day. Overall, these slides are a great addition to my summer wardrobe, and the logo is definitely the standout feature for me.

🔗Versace Black Multi-Strap Sandals


I recently had the chance to rock these Versace 120mm Multi-Strap Sandals in black for a night on the town. The calf leather straps provided a chic and sophisticated touch, while the side buckle fastening and open toe made them a standout statement piece. Donning these sandals was an effortless process, thanks to the rear zip fastening, and the stiletto heel added just the right amount of height.

However, one downside was the break-in period — they required some patience before becoming my new go-to shoe. Overall, these Versace sandals made quite the impression, and I can’t wait to add them to my collection for future events.

Buyer’s Guide

Versace sandals for women come in plenty of options, from stylish platform heels and chic stilettos to comfortable flatform sandals. These stunning shoes add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any outfit. However, with so many options available, choosing the right pair can be a daunting task. In this buyer’s guide, we will help you make the best decision by discussing the essential features, considerations, and general advice for this product category.


Important Features

When shopping for Versace sandals for women, consider the following essential features to ensure you find the perfect pair for your needs and style preferences. 1. Material: Versace sandals are available in a variety of materials, such as leather, suede, and canvas. Leather sandals are highly durable, breathable, and comfortable, while suede sandals offer a more luxurious look and feel. Canvas sandals are perfect for casual occasions.


The stiletto is a classic heel that adds height and a sleek silhouette to your look. Versace stilettos are available in a variety of materials, such as leather, suede, and canvas. Look for adjustable buckles and straps to ensure a comfortable fit. Some sandals have a hidden platform for extra height, while others feature a high-flying stiletto for maximum impact.



Platform sandals offer additional comfort and support, making them an excellent choice for people who prefer walking in heels. Versace platform sandals come in various styles, such as ankle-strap, over-the-knee, and gladiator-inspired designs. When shopping for platform sandals, look for a sturdy base that can support your body weight and an adjustable strap to ensure a secure fit.

General Advice

When shopping for Versace women’s sandals, keep the following general advice in mind to make the right decision. 1. Identify your style: Consider your personal style and the occasion for which you are purchasing the sandals. Whether you prefer a chic stiletto or a comfortable platform, Versace has something to offer for everyone.



What makes Versace sandals unique?

Versace sandals are unique because they combine classic Italian design with modern trends. The brand is well-known for its bold patterns, high-quality leather, and meticulous attention to detail. Versace sandals feature embellishments such as hardware, beads, or crystals that enhance their feminine and sophisticated appeal.

Moreover, Versace has continuously pushed the boundaries of fashion by incorporating bold colors and unique styles in their designs. They embody elegance, sophistication, and edginess, making their sandals a must-have accessory for fashion-conscious women. Their diverse range of styles caters to different preferences, from minimalist designs to statement-making pieces.


Where can I buy Versace sandals?

Versace sandals are available at various retailers, both online and offline. They are sold through authorized boutiques and department stores worldwide. You can also find them on various e-commerce platforms such as Net-a-Porter, Farfetch, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Barneys New York. Remember to check the authenticity of the product and purchase from authorized dealers to ensure you receive a genuine Versace sandal.

If you’re unsure about sizing, consider visiting a physical store where you can try on the sandals before making a purchase. Alternatively, you can check the size chart provided on Versace’s official website or the retailer’s site to find your perfect fit. Many online retailers also offer free shipping and returns, providing you with a hassle-free shopping experience.

What are some popular styles of Versace sandals?

There are several popular styles of Versace sandals that have made waves in the fashion world. The Medusa sandal, inspired by the Greek mythological creature Medusa, features a snakeskin strap, the signature Versace motif, and a chunky heel. The Medusa sandal has become an iconic design that never goes out of style.

Another popular style is the Chain Reaction sandal, which features a sleek silver chain adorning the front of the sandal, adding an urban touch to the design. The sandal has a stacked heel and an ankle-strap for an extra touch of sophistication. The Chain Reaction sandal is a classic style that remains in Versace’s collection year after year.


Can I wear Versace sandals during rainy weather?

While Versace sandals are undoubtedly stylish, they are not the best choice for rainy weather. The sandals’ open design makes them susceptible to water damage, and the leather can become stained or damaged if exposed to moisture. It is recommended to avoid wearing Versace sandals during rain or wet conditions.

Instead, opt for water-resistant footwear such as boots or sneakers during rainy weather. versace. com offers a wide range of water-resistant footwear options that cater to different styles and preferences, ensuring that you stay fashionable and protected from the elements. If you must wear sandals in the rain, make sure to apply a water-repellent spray or treatment to the leather to protect it from water damage.

What kind of materials are used for making Versace sandals?

Versace sandals are made from premium quality materials that make them durable and long-lasting. The main materials used for making Versace sandals are genuine leather, synthetic materials, and crystal or metal hardware. The leather is sourced from premium tanneries and comes in various finishes, such as smooth or matte, giving the sandals their luxurious feel.

The synthetic materials used, such as polyurethane or nylon, provide versatility and durability. The hardware used is made from high-quality crystal or metal, giving the sandals their signature shine and elegance. The materials are carefully selected to ensure they are comfortable and stylish, making Versace sandals a wise investment for any fashion lover.

How do I clean my Versace sandals?

To clean your Versace sandals, follow these simple steps: Start by removing any debris or dirt from the sandal’s surface using a soft-bristled brush or a dry cloth. Next, use a damp cloth to clean the sandal, making sure to avoid getting the leather or hardware too wet. If there are any stains or discoloration, use a leather cleaner specifically designed for your sandal’s material.

Once the sandal is clean, use a leather conditioner or balm to help maintain its quality and prevent the leather from drying out. Apply the product according to the manufacturer’s instructions, andbuff the leather using a soft-bristled brush or a microfiber cloth. Finally, store your Versace sandals in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain their quality and prevent damage.

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